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Barca vs Rayo: The Undefeatable Barca

Barca faced the Rayo Vallecano yesterday and win over them with 3-1 score. With the goal of Messi, Suarez and Pique, Barca touched another mark with straight seven points. With that match, Vallecano lost straight 12 games against Barca. On that game, the performance of  messi is unquestionable just like other games. On the second half, Suarez was fouled and from the they gained another goal which led them to the margin of victory.

FCB vs Rayo

Barca coach Valverde still expressed that match as a tough one. But the audience who were present there can get the point of how easy for Messi team to win that game. Now, on LaLiga its again get cleared that Barcelona is undefeatable and even on the lack of Ronaldo, they are not considering the madrid as one of their main rival. After winning against the Real Madrid, this win also gave the Barca a boost to compete now against any other team. After that game, Messi remain the top scorer on LaLiga with 26 goal on 25 games. And another titan of Barca Suarez remained the second goal scorer on LaLiga with the number of goal 17.

Lionel Messi

Raul de Tomas, who actually gave a hope to the Rayo but only by his own effort, he would not able to take his team against other giant like Barca. Rayo who played against Barca after six consecutive defeats, was little bit aggressive against Barca to win. But at last they did not managed after Messi was there. From the November, the cycle of win of the team of Barca going on. They have won 14 games at a stretch so far. As I mentioned earlier, Barca won 13 games against Rayo.

FCB vs Rayo

Now, let aside the Barca fact and come back to the Messi. As we know, whenever barca keep soaring high, there is even a little touch of Messi. Messi for the first time come back to the squad of Argentina team. After giving disappointment by the Argentina team on the Russia, there was suspicion that whether Messi will return or not to the squad. But after all the doubt and suspicion, he came back.

Hope, there is still light for Barca as they keep soaring high to their end mission. Best of luck Barca!                       


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