Can Zidane Change The Fate of Madrid?

Zidane, who was not only a great footballer but also a great mentor whose performance is brilliant on every situation. The second innings of Zidane has started with Real Madrid on last Wednesday where Real Madrid found a boost when Zidane again came back and joined with their team.  “I love the club, I couldn’t say no to the president,” Zidane said. So, with that comment, we can actually understand how deep the relationship of Zidane with the madrid is. There is also an emotional connection between Zidane and Madrid as they worked together before and it brought good results.

As Madrid passing some tough situation after the departure of the Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe now it is little bit difficult for Madrid to replace the position of Ronaldo but not impossible to fill the gap with hard work, determination and strategies. The season without him reminds the Madrid about the influential capabilities of Zidane that he had on the past season. After all, it’s a very good move from the management of madrid to bring back Zidane on the team. But, a question which is arising that just by bringing Zidane will not solve all the problem of madrid  as on past season, Ronaldo was there, now is not.


Before stepped down on last May 2018, he led the Real Madrid with three consecutive champions league trophies but after stepping down, he was replaced by another coach Santiago Solari. On a press conference, Zidane has said that long term plan or even changes is necessary if people want to get the old Real back. The situation get worse for Real when they are eliminated by the Barca in Copa del Rey which is one of the most famous spanish league. The management of Real Madrid signed a contract with Zidane till 2022. Now, it’s time to see how much Zidane can do for the Madrid this time.

It is already nine month when Zidane last worked for the Real madrid. The list of managers of Madrid getting longer day by day. Just changing the managers will not give you the best outcome but give you discrepancy on the playing which is shown on Real last month play. But hopefully now the authority of the Real Madrid as they already signed a contract for the next 3 year playtime with Zidane.

Zidane with UCL trophy

“I know that this is a special day for everyone also for me,” Zidane said. “I’m also very happy to return my home and that’s the most important thing for me. I will be starting work tomorrow to put this club back where it deserves to be and with proper planning.

“It’s a massive responsibility for me to put this club forward. I’m just one more member of the team like others  for this club and I love football with my soul and I haven’t forgotten what we have won on last seasons, but I also haven’t forgotten all the things that we did badly in some the cases which brought results. I very well know where I am.”

The phrases which Zidane used is full with optimism and also give some stamina to the fan of Real Madrid. Madrid recently eliminated from the UEFA champions league on 16 round where they won three consecutive champions league trophies on the time of the supervision of Zidane. After failing on the UEFA, the credibility of the management of Real Madrid put on question whether they are directing the team on the right way or not.

head coach of madrid

“I’ll do everything from my end and also  I can do everything to make the team better,” said Zidane. “Things are going to  change from now on and they need to. But that’s not a priority right now as we have still 11 games left, and the idea is to finish the season well and with success.”

So, it is now the good point for the Madrid is that their manager will organize the stuff as they needed to be but the deficiency of Cristiano Ronaldo will be remained as it irrecoverable. Team performance is also needed as only depending on the skill of Zidane will not work if the leadership and teamwork can’t go same to same.

Good luck, Zidane!                             

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