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Man City Beats Tottenham in Premier League

60% control over the ball gave confidence Man City which pulls them to win the match. But the attack was first coming from Tottenham.At the Very beginning, their shot was saved by Man city goalkeeper. After 2 minutes Man city arrange their one and only goal by Phil Foden (Manchester City) His header from very close range to the bottom right corner made the very first goal. Which was assisted by Argentina superstar Sergio Agüero with a headed pass?

Guardiola Riddling that it was his plan to bring  Foden for just his second Premier League start. This  18-year-old scored the only goal after five minutes. He said that

. “Phil is an incredible player. We needed this capacity to press high and he has the quality to arrive in the box and every time he plays he scores a goal or has chances to score goals.

“He has the ability to play in small spaces. It’s an incredible experience for him and I trust him a lot.”

This was an act of sweet revenge after losing the UCL match. Both teams tried to confirm their first position but it was Man city match so very young flock just turned the match result and made a great victory for his team.

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“The last two days have been really tough for us,” Guardiola said.

“We could have lost the Premier League today — after Wednesday it was really tough. As a footballer, I could not have done what my players have done today. The title is still in our hands.”

Anyway, Though they ruled for the preponderance of the first half, the hosts disappointed to score to their home advantage and they had goalkeeper Ederson as he stopped Son Heung-Min from leveling the score.

English Premier League News reporter reported the match as an act of revenge but it was more than that.


Watford Vs Arsenal: 0-1 Aubameyang Made Arsenal Keep Position

Arsenal keeps their hope to be kept their Position on the league table and this made probable by the 10th-minute goal of Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The just goal that changed the result and presents a victory for Arsenal.

This result promoted the Gunners up to fourth on 66 points from 33 games, They are now very imminent to the third-placed Tottenham Hotspur. But interestingly They are ahead of Chelsea, Though Chelsea has played a game more, on goal discrepancy. And Watford couldn’t change their position and still at 10th with 46 points.

66% ball controlled and 8 corner kick showed how one-sided match it was and Wat lost one of their Army with getting Red card. Still, Watford 4 saves kept Arsenal away from more Goals.

A Goal which made the scorecard like Watford 0, Arsenal 1. The responsible for this was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and it was possible for his beautiful left footed shot from very close range to the center of the goal.

After consuming the Goal Watford succumbed their temper and as a result, at the 11th minute, they lost Troy Deeney as he was given the red card for making disorder.

After the losing Watford tried their level best but weakness on finishing they couldn’t make any goal for them. Statistics showing that they achieved 12 corners but couldn’t bring success for them.

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After the match, two managers gave their statement and shared some viewpoints which actually very inspiring for both of them.

Watford goalkeeper asked pardon for consuming goal and said “I’ve said sorry to the lads,” he said. “I tried to drag it on to my left and pass it out but before I knew it Aubameyang was bloody on me. He is too quick. In hindsight, you have to get rid [of the ball] as quick as you can, even if it goes into row Z.”

When journalists asked about the red card the Arsenal new coaches stated.

“I didn’t see the red card. I leave the decision for the referee,” he said. “It’s clear it helped us, with the decisions, because we played with one more player from then on. It’s more difficult for them. But our goal gave us the advantage in the first half and after the red card also.”

And it is true that the 10th-minute goals gave them an advantage but they were failed to score more goals getting a 10 man army.

Anyway, the match gave some beauty cause Watford played and fight until the last moment which will encourage them to win the match for them next time.

man utd vs west ham

Man Utd vs West Ham: Pogba Converted Penalty Gave A Mellow To Win

France superstar Paul Pogba fetched Penalties and successful execution of Penalties gave a triumph over West Ham at Old Trafford and this win confirmed a 5th place at point table and them just behind two points for grasping 4th position.

The penalty was listed for a foul in the penalty area by west ham Robert Snodgrass and this proffered the opportunity to Pogba make a goal and the very first goal for his team. At 17th minute the goal made an undulation among the Red Devils supporters.

The Goal! Made the scorecard  Manchester United 1 and West Ham United 0. Paul Pogba succeeded the opportunity with his popular right footed shot to the center of the goal.

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But West Ham still tried to come back the game. Attack and counterattack made the match really exciting. And West Ham first made a goal and repaid at the 49th minute when their striker Felipe Anderson repaid one goal by his right footed shot from the right side of the six-yard box to the bottom right corner. And the goal was assisted by Manuel Lanzini. After that, the scorecard was West Ham 1 Manu 1.

AS Man U never wanted to see this scorecard so they increased their attack and tried their best to get another Goal.

Man U again got their goal from Penalty at 79th minutes for Ryan Fredericks Foul at Penalty area. And this opportunity also succeeded by Pogba and this time he converted the penalty with a right footed shot to the bottom Left corner…

After the Goal Man U victory was confirmed and they just increased their defense strength to keep away West Ham attack.

After 4 minutes of Man U goal, two attempts were checked and blocked by Man U defense and thus they confirmed their Victory.

This was commendable cause both teams played extremely well especially West Ham play was praiseworthy. Some little mistakes may be their reason for lost the Game but their controlling capability and 58% control of Ball made the match really excited.

If they could be converted any corner kick succeed may be the result would be changed. Hammers Rue and Man U smile made the match a memorable match.



Chelsea 2-0 West Ham United: Hazard Pair Assists

An Excited match that saw again double after Real Madrid match at Stamford Bridge. Eden Hazard showed it’s competencies again and brought a great Triumph for his team against West Ham.

Summary: Chelsea 2-0 West Ham United

The match was observed by over 40 thousand people from the stadium and over millions of people from the rest of the world. The match was totally unpredicted and full of enjoyment.

It was a great match and it should be a good match cause when the opponents are Chelsea and West Ham its give more entertainment.

From the First Half Chelsea dominated the match where West Ham just tried to keep Chelsea away from Goal Bars. But Eden really found the Goal Bars not one time second time consecutively. At 11 minutes Angelo Ogbonna ( West Ham) shown a yellow card for the bad foul.

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But yet WH tried to defend themselves by foul again. But at 24 minutes their attempt went into vain. When the 40 thousand people witnessed the beautiful moments “Goal! Chelsea 1, West Ham United 0. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) left footed shot from the center of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Ruben Loftus-Cheek”. The whole gallery was undulated with joy. But the other tents were shocked and afraid of consuming a goal.

At second half Chelsea became more aggressive to give another goal where west ham tried to repay the goal. But it is the only things in the world where opponents don’t like to get return their goal. So Chelsea started foul also and they got rewarded by seeing two Yellow cards.

The yellow card was shown to César Azpilicueta and Kepa Arrizabalaga within 82 to 84 minutes.

But West Ham was striving their best to repay one goal for them.

At 90 Chelsea Fans again heard the beautiful Commentary “Goal! Chelsea 2, West Ham United 0. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) right footed shot from the right side of the box to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Ross Barkley” and it nailed the last Alpin to WH coffin.

The match was really excited and it was an important match for both team. After this match, West Ham takes place at 11 positions where Chelsea stand at the third position. Even Arsenal are lagging behind them. Still, Chelsea can see the dream of becoming Champion.


Southampton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League

Liverpool Vs Southampton: Liverpool Beats Southampton

Egyptian striker adds 50 goals in Premier League games with the Reds’ shirt, putting pressure on the Man City.
Who said it would be easy and without emotion? Favorite and in the title fight of the English Premier League, Liverpool beat Southampton 3-1 on Friday and took a momentary lead in the competition. He put pressure on Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Long opened the scoring for the host team, but Keita, Salah and Henderson, with Firmino’s assist, secured three points for the Reds.

With the win away from home on Friday, Liverpool are now leading the  the Premier League point table with 85 points. It has two points more than Manchester City, which has one game less at the table. Pep Guardiola’s team, however, turns their attention on Saturday to the FA Cup – the semi-final against Brighton & Hove Albion. With 33 points, Southampton occupy 16th place and is still at risk of relegation.

The first half, at least in its first minutes, was a bucket of cool water in Liverpool fans. The Saints advanced their lines, made difficult the ball out of the rival and opened the scoring in the eight minutes. After a cross from the left, Höjbjerg deflected a header, the foolish corner, Long dominated and kicked no chance for Alisson. It took time, but Liverpool came into the game. With good movement of his men in front, left everything equal to 35. At the beginning of the move, Salah appeared in a dubious position. Then, Alexander-Arnold crossed to Keita to put his head on the ball and tie.

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After a strange game in the first half, in which he got the equalizer and found himself on the pitch, Liverpool came back better in the final stage. Still without a brilliant football, they managed to hold Southampton, who fought against the sticking and looked for a victory at any cost, and turned the game in 34 minutes. Salah started on the counter attack, loaded the ball, Firmino opened on the left, but the Egyptian knocked out placed from the entrance of the area to make it 2 to 1. His 50th goal for the Reds in Premier League matches. With the advantage, the Klopp team found more space and increased to 40. Firmino received on the right, made a good move and gave beautiful assistance to close the account Henderson.

A great match which not only gives Liverpool a point but also give spreet to it’s teammate. This victory will take them to new stand on point table and they can now dream to be champion on point table.