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munir el haddadi

La Liga Update: Sevilla FC vs Rayo Vallecano

A one sided match that gave all the enjoyment of La Liga but cause a shame for Rayo Vallecano.

Sevilla FC smashed the faintest opponent last night by scoring 5 goals on the second half. This victory gives them access on la Liga standings 6th position and helped to get the last position of Rayo Vallecano.

51 % ball regulated to give a good shame to Rayo Vallecano but Sevilla FC scored 5 within 45 minutes to prove the word that a good strategy is the main function that ensures win not the so-called ball control. First half no team could manage any goal through some attack happened from both ends but weak finishing failed to score any goal for both of the team.

First good effort was saved at 55 minutes Quincy Promes (Sevilla) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the center of the goal by Rayo goal keeper. After few second Sevilla scored the first goal this time Quincy Promes (Sevilla) did not make any mistake his right footed shot from the center of the box to the top left corner scored the first goal for both his team and match.

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After 2 minutes another Goal this time  Munir El Haddadi (Sevilla) using his left foot shot the ball from the left side of the six-yard box to the bottom right corner and it scored the second goal for his team. This goal was assisted by Pablo Sarabia with a cross.

After 5 minutes again Munir El Haddadi (Sevilla)and his left foot gift third goal to the Selvia he fired the ball from the left side of the box to the center of the goal.

This time repeatedly Munir El Haddad but not as a scorer but as assister made the fourth goal for his team the goal maker this time was Wissam Ben Yedder (Sevilla) his left footed shot from the center of the box to the bottom left corner. Made the scorecard of 4-0.

The final goal came at 86 minutes when Bryan Gil (Sevilla) left footed shot from very close range to the high center of the goal found the goal nest and made the huge difference between the two teams and confirmed their win. The last goal was assisted by Pablo Sarabia.

It was a one-sided goal and according to the la Liga news most of the match this seasons was a less competitive match like that match. This win confirms the six position on point table for Sevilla FC

And drag Rayo Vallecano on the ground.

RM vS Athleti

Benzema’s Hattrick Helped Real For 3rd Place In La Liga

Real Madrid Strengthened their third place on la Liga standings and exhaled on Atletico Madrid cervix to supersede them for seizing the second position. It was Karim Benzema night his hatric made the match so easy for winning sites.

The French superstar stretching his performance and scored 30 goals in this season where get  21 from La Liga.

The game was Madrid controlled and they kept control almost 57% of the ball and strike to score a goal on a regular interval. Though the match was scoreless on the first half after the break, Madrid gave 3 goals and started the score at the 47th minute. It was Benzema first goal of the match that was a wonderful goal. To get the first score Karim Benzema used his header from the center of the box to the bottom right corner. The goal was assisted by Marco Asensio with a cross.

Though Athletics had the chance of making the match a tie or keeping the opponent in pressure. But they completely failed to do that. The first half was noisy and full of Foul. where both teams including Benzema made foul. But the second half gave the real taste of Football and La Liga.

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At 75th minutes there created a chance for Athletico but their attempt was saved by the Real goalkeeper. That time Athletico Raúl García left footed shot from outside the box was saved in the bottom right corner. The ball was given from Iñaki Williams with a headed pass.

After 1 minute the second goal comes from Karim Benzema his header from very close range to the bottom left corner scored 2-0 for them.

And the final goal came from 90 minutes This time Karim Benzema scored a goal without using the head. His right footed shot from outside of the box to the center made the Final goal. It was assisted by Gareth Bale.

The teammate of Karim’s extols him by saying the praiseworthy word for his valiant success.

“We all know how good Karim is and what he brings to the side, whether he’s scoring or not,” teammate Marcelo told BeIN Sports. “He’s one of our leaders.

Zidan would be happy to find his team in third place and he will make a new plan to capture the second position.

Karim Benzema Pair Goals gives new beliefs to The White Army

A goal that drugged millions of supporter, A goal that froze thousands fan and a goal that gave new belief to the others. Everything was the last match. Another La Liga match that gave all the excitement and Pith of pleasure.

Summary: Real Madrid 2-1 Eibar

It was a great match, one-sided match also. The match was a fight between mammoth and a Hare. But It is Football where every moment can change the momentum where people can’t predict what will happen next. the similar things happened last night where fist startup was from Eibar. Really incredible! But it happened because Eibar has  Marc Cardona who scored the first goal that drugged thousands supporter of white Army. The 39th minute was such a moment when the commentator commented “Goal! Real Madrid 0, Eibar 1. Marc Cardona (Eibar) right footed shot from very close range to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Gonzalo Escalante with a through the ball” But nobody enjoyed except the Eibar supporter and it was stimulating for the Real team.

Isco Real recruit obtained Freekick Regular basis but no goal was seen until the 59th minutes and it Was Benzema who first made equilibrium between two teams.

The moment when commentator announced the beautiful word “Goal! Real Madrid 1, Eibar 1. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) header from the center of the box to the top left corner. Assisted by Marco Asensio with a cross” Really it was the life-saving comment of the day. This was really Important match for Real Madrid cause They needed a win to sustain their positions on point table so it gave a real kick to Madrid Tents. Another Goal might be Possible if The Eibar keeper couldn’t save the Isco assisted Marco Asensio shot. But the match was totally controlled by Madrid at that time.

When First half Eibar was ahead of Madrid on Balls possession but at Second Half Madrid played it’s a natural game and attacked several time to get another goal for sustaining their Victory. And at 81 minutes Madrid confirmed it’s a victory by Benzema another goal and the moment was like that “Goal! Real Madrid 2, Eibar 1. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) header from the center of the box to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Toni Kroos with a cross following a corner”

This was a perfect Example of rising and fall this was a great match for the supporters. And this was the match for Benzema who sealed Eibar and deprived Eibar supporter a win.

After winning this match Real Madrid now stands at position 3 by earning 18 points.

Hope they can go the second position by thrown Atletico next some matches.


Incredible: Messi Leaves The Bench in Last Moment To Rescue

Catalans make a below-average play against Villarreal, but they get an epic reaction and reduce injury before facing Atletico Madrid’s runner-up at the Camp Nou.

It was one of those nights at the Estadio de la Cerámica where football is impossible to understand. Villarreal started better, tightening Barcelona, ​​and took two goals, Coutinho and Malcolm. Messi must have thought of the bench that could finally rest, but the Yellow Submarine grew, turned and got to be winning by 4 to 2. The Argentine player was already on the field at that time and tried a few passes to pierce the defense, but could only move in the scoreboard just in charge of foul at the end. There was still something missing to close the script: in the last move, Suárez hit a beautiful kick to make it all the same: 4 to 4, certainly in one of the craziest games in the recent history of the Spanish Championship.

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It was to be a quiet match for Barça, visiting the 17th place. But with the floor of the carriage, the shirt 10 needed to enter the field in the 16 minutes of the second half. Enough to influence the game, with a precise collection of the half-moon in the upper corner of Asenjo. It was the sixth goal of his absence only in this Spanish – and seventh in the season, equaling his best mark in Barça (2015/16 and 2017/18). It’s turning into a penalty.

Even when they were ahead, Barcelona seemed far from controlling the game. Having Stegen defended – and also failed – the beam helped, and the truth is that the Yellow Submarine could have won three very important points in the fight against relegation. Cazorla (the former Arsenal) and Samuel Chukwueze, a 19-year-old Nigerian (shirt 30), stand out.

Malcom, the Brazilian only started the second time in Spanish  League and managed to show his value. He gave the assist to the goal of Coutinho and then scored in the header after the sweet cross of Suárez. Won points with Ernesto Valverde in the absence of Dembélé and has chances to start the important game on Saturday against Atletico Madrid.

However, Messi equaled Cristiano Ronaldo as the top scorer in the history of the top-5 leagues in Europe. The Argentine has 414 goals in Spanish, while Portuguese adds the same number by English (84), Spanish (311) and Italian (19)

rm vs huesca

Real Madrid Suffered But Beat Huesca by 3-2

In his second game after returning to the club, Zidane wins twice in a row and sees French striker Benzema saves the team from shame against last placed Huesca to ensure victory by 3 to 2 in the Bernabéu.
Nothing better than avoiding a draw or home defeat for the flashlight in an already failed season. That’s what Benzema did for Real Madrid on Sunday. With a fine French goal at the end of the second half, the Merengues beat the last-placed Huesca 3-2 at the Bernabeu, and kept the distance of two points for rival Athletic, second placed in the Spanish Championship. It was Zidane’s second and second triumph since returning to the club.  

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The Real’s suffering began with two minutes. It was enough time for Avila’s cross and Cucho Hernández’s goal. The visitors did not show timidity with the bad phase. They took their chances. The meringues, on the other hand, were not very incisive. But they managed to equalize with Isco, at 24, after good play by Brahim Diaz. The turn came in the second step. Ceballos took advantage of Benzema’s ball on the side of the crossbar and stoked the nets. But Huesca did not give up. He made his second goal with Captain Etxeita, with his head. But Zidane’s team had a 9-inspired shirt. With a technical kick and placed from the left, Benzema placed the ball in the left corner of Santamaría and secured Real’s victory: 3 to 2.

Coach Zidane surprised the team. With injured Courtois, Navas remained on the bench, and Luca Zidane, the coach’s son, started. The young goalkeeper, 20, made his second match on the main team. The first had been in the last round of last season. He is from Castilla, team B of Real, and had lost space since his father had left the team. Despite the two goals conceded, did not compromise.

Zidane made his second game in charge of Real Madrid since returning. Conquered the second victory and again climbed Marcelo and Isco as starters, two players who had lost space with Solari. There are nine games remaining for the season finale, and planning for the next season is in vogue.

Benzema scored his 14th goal in the Spanish League, the 23rd in the season. He is the Real Madrid top scorer in the season. And more. The Huesca is the 34th victim of the French in the Spanish Championship of 34 possible. He scored against all the teams in the tournament he faced.

Real Madrid are third, with 57 points, two of the second, Atlético, and 12 of the leader Barcelona. The Huesca follows in the lantern, with 22 points, in a complicated situation. In the next round, the merengues visit Valencia on Wednesday, and Huesca welcomes Celta de Vigo.