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Tom Brady: A warrior of NFL


Tom Brady, one of the most popular American football quarterback who is playing on behalf of New England Patriots, won six super bowls and considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Brady was born in California on August 3, 1977. Once he played college football for the University of Michigan and later he started playing for Patriots on 2000 NFL Draft. On his early life, he was the fan of another great quarterback Joe Montana, even Brady considered him as one of his inspirations. On University of Michigan, he was the backup quarterback for first two years. Then he was selected by New England Patriots on sixth round of 2000 NFL Draft. Brady is the only player who is playing for the longest as a quarterback on behalf of one franchise.   


Throughout his career, Brady won three league MVP awards, four super Bowl MVP awards and six super Bowl. With highest touchdown and career passing rating, he remains one of the most performing quarterbacks in all seasons.He has also won many more playoff games than any other quarterback. Brady started his first NFL career with star player like Drew Bledsoe, John Friesz etc. One of the most common victory which was made by Brady on 2016 season. On that game, Brady helped Patriots on defeating Pittsburgh and on that his mother was present who watched his son to win the game. Currently his age is on 40 and still he is playing the undefeated role on NFL.

He is also featured as star on most of the television channels and shows including Saturday night live in 2005, Family guy on 2006 and on TED 2. On 2007, he appeared as a model of Stetson cologne. Even he has a website which focuses on his top performing works  and he was also documented on a Facebook watch documentary series Tom VS Time.

Tom brady nfl player

NFL Career

On 2000 NFL draft, with a pick number 199, he was selected on six round as a compensatory pick. Brady started on that season as a fourth-string quarterback and on that rookie season, he introduced himself as a most valuable emerging player on NFL.

On 2002, Patriots finished with Tom Brady at 9-9 with a best record on division. On that season, Brady got his shoulder injury but that could not stop him to start the game. The 2003 season was the most memorable one for Tom Brady as he led the Patriots with 12 consecutive victories and won the AFC. In Super Bowl XXXVIII, Brady led with Patriots 32-39 victory over another NFC champion Carolina Panthers.

On 2004, Brady helped Patriots to get straight 21 wins which was memorialized on the Pro Football Hall of Fame. On 2005, Brady finished his first league with 4110 passing yards and on third position with 26 touchdowns. Also, they defeated the Jets on 36-17 and Brady went 22-34.

The 2018 season is the 19th professional season for Tom Brady. He finished that season with 67 percent completion, with 29 touchdowns and 4355 passing yards. On the 2018 postseason, Patriots steps forward on the AFC championship game. By the win against the Pittsburgh, Brady obtained the position of being first player who won six super bowls and the oldest quarterback player who super bowl at the age of 41.

Tom brady family

Personal life

Brady had a relationship with the well known American actress Bridget Moynahan from 2004 to 2006 and had a child whose name John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Then he began his another relationship with Brazilian Gisele Bündchen on December 2006 and they married on February 26, 2009. They have two children, son Benjamin Rein and daughter Vivian Lake.


Tom Brady is one of the friends of current president Donald Trump as Brady gave the indication that he had known the trump from 16 years. Even Brady attended on the state of the union address as a special guest on behalf of the former president Bush.

The earning of Brady even exceeded 44 million according to the Forbes on 2016 with 28 million dollar signing bonus and 9 million on salary basis. But having all the achievements and facilities,  Brady announced on the last june, 2018 that his NFL career is going to be end sooner rather than later. He also said that his plan was to play till mid 40 but now he is on 41 and planning to quit his NFL career as soon.

Brady was awarded as league’s most valuable player on last season it seems from his play that he is not going to slow down very soon. But does he really quit! Not sure, because the person like Brady who love Football from his DNA, will be difficult for him to quit the Football. Maybe he will quit from NFL, but not from Football.    

NFL over view 2019

Season Highlights of NFL 2018-19

Have a look up 2018-19 NFL Starting on 6th of September, 2018, the 99th season of NFL, aka the National Football League, will continue till 3rd February 2019. From the NFL Kickoff Game that occurred between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons, a lot has happened throughout this 2018-19 season. The world became a witness of hundreds of heart throbbing moments both inside and outside the tournaments. The Texans’ performance for 3 succeeding weeks were pretty upsetting. To quote the tweet of Red Zone Channel’s host Andrew Siciliano, posted on 23 Sep 2018, “Texans have lost 9 in a row, the longest active streak in the @NFL.” This tweet came as an immediate reaction after the Texans lost by the Giants. Sad to say, J.J. Watt’s record making 3 sacks also went in vain. On to week 4 – a lot of things went as expected. Take the New England Patriots, for example, it was almost possible for anyone following NFL Season 2018-19 to guess that they would win and that simply turned into reality. On the other hand, the defeat of the Cleveland Browns was also not any shocking news so far we understand the game. The Atlanta Falcons also passed a usual year. Even three touchdowns by Matt Ryan could bring no good to the team. The highlights of NFL Season 2018-19 also includes players’ injury that made a huge difference in all the teams’ setting as well as performance. Marcus Mariota from Tennessee Titans, Cam Robinson from Jacksonville Jaguars, and a lot of other significant team members were absent in few matches. Robinson was struggling with the torn anterior cruciate ligament, where an elbow ailment was keeping Mariota back from his participating in contributing with the team. Team Philadelphia Eagles were undergoing the worst part of injuries, though. Everyone except the American football safety, Malcolm Jenkins, was in the injured players’ list. NFL head coaches’ duty also became part of highlights this NFL season. Total six of them were discharged making the environment heavier for the respective teams. It is reported that Marvin Lewis took leave from the Cincinnati Bengals in a mutual settlement. Hue Jackson was fired by Cleveland Browns after the team was defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Sunday game. The NFL was, however, faster in recruiting new head coaches than firing. The newly hired head coaches are Freddie Kitchens, Vance Joseph, Vic Fangio, Matt LaFleur, Adam Gase, Bruce Arians, and Kliff Kingsbury. Moving ahead – the incoming Chiefs vs Colts playoff game is going to be another biggest highlight of NFL Season 2018-19, Patrick Mahomes, 23, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs,  being the moving force. He is seen honing his new trick on Kansas City’s training ground. Fans cannot wait to see him playing his first playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. Among those extraordinary and jaw-dropping happenings, the aforementioned highlights of NFL Season 2018-19 are worth remembering.  
Super bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII: A Preview on Rams & Patriots 2019

The battle between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will be held on February 3, 2019 at Mercedes- Benz stadium to determine the champion of 2018 NFL season which is also referred as the Super Bowl LIII. It will be the first Super Super Bowl at Mercedes- Benz after it opened on 2017. Here, I will go through the two teams odds and possibilities on winning the game and will try to give a general overview on the performance of both teams throughout the season.
Whenever we think about New England Patriots, the name which comes across first on our mind first is Tom Brady. With the 4355 passing yards and 29 touchdowns, he is now working as the main driving force for New England Patriots against Los Angeles Rams. Bill Belichick, the coach of Patriots, heading the team with a visionary mindset and it seems that the Patriots is roaring under his effective supervision. On the play mode, The Patriots use man to man coverage which makes the play difficult for the opposition quarterbacks and pass catchers. On the question of defending the Rams, the Patriots need to possess the ball extra with more aggressiveness. As they are the only team which is playing three consecutive Super Bowl at a time, obviously supporters of Patriots can expect the best from their team. Super bowl LIII The Los Angeles Rams ranked on second position on offense with a yards score 6,738 and points with 527.  Jared Goff also set his new career high with a passing touchdown 32 and rushing yard 108. The defensive tackle like Aaron Donald will work as a key force on behalf of Los Angeles Rams against Patriots. The Patriots also need to face Todd Gurley, the leading rusher Rams who has 59 passes for 580 yards.
On the divisional round, Patriots defeated the Dallas at 30-22 and that mainly gives the boost to Rams. It’s the challenge now for Belichick whether he can win his sixth super bowl or not. But the Rams is also in the fierce mood since they win over the New Orleans Saints at 26-23. Also its for Rams to see whether they can take the challenge of three consecutive Super Bowl players, New England Patriots. The Patriots have never played any Super Bowl at Atlanta, so it’s the time for them to prove whether they can win over there. Also , it’s an opportunity for Rams to prove themselves that the can also win in any situation against any team.
Super bowl LIII

Top Performers of 2017-2018 NFL

If you are looking for any game which is energized,highly calibered and fill with thrill; then obviously you should go for NFL league. In 2017-18 season, there was a lot of events which took place between the teams and players that added a new edge on NFL league. There is nothing exciting on that game than the players stacked up on against one another. Here, I picked up top 10 performer who nailed the 2017-18 NFL season most. So, let’s take a look on those top players who turned 2017-18 season into real buzz:

Aaron Rodgers: On 2017, quarterback had dominated all the season. Aaron Rodgers who played as a quarterback on Green Bay Packers, made his road on the way of success as a quarterback at 2017-18 season. He remained on the lead position with the highest NFL quarterback rating (104.1) in history. With the straight eight wins and 40 touchdown passes, he remained the best on the entire season.

Tom Brady: One of the greatest player in the team of New England Patriots who also played as a quarterback and took his team to highest peak of success. With the PFF grade 99.3 and with Super Bowl LI MVP awards, he dominated the season all along.

Julio Jones: One of the top wide receiver performing on behalf of Atlanta Falcons became the sixth player in 300-plus receiving yards in the league history. With the catching ability and body control, he caught the attention of others as a dominant player on the league.

Eric Berry: The star safety, Eric Berry, played on behalf of Kansas city who overcome his death diseases cancer and became one of the highest paid safety in NFL history as he signed an 78 million contract on off season. Actually, he highlighted most on 2016 when he scored 8 points individually against Atlanta.

Matt Ryan: Though the season not goes well for Atlanta, but still Matt did brilliant as a quarterback on the whole season. With the 117.1 rating and 38 career high touchdown passes, he remained the best.

Khalil Mack: He won the NFL defensive player of the year despite of the lacking of passing support from teammates. With the highest PFF grade (93.9), he really buzz the season as a consistently dominant edge rushers.

Aaron Donald: If you think of a consistently dominant force on NFL, you can only think about Aaron. With the 161 pressures over last two season and with the 90 defensive stops, he just make great than others on league.

Antonio Brown: In some case, he is more better than Julio Jones though he has not that type of physical dominance that Julio has. He is found to be the most impactful player when the team’s quarterback is on below level. He turns dangerous after the catch and those traits actually remained on top of the season.

Landon Collins: One of the most valuable safety for New York at NFL all the time. He was selected as the NFC defensive player of the week and had recorded 15 tackles on league

Josh Norman: Though he was one of the best cornerback on 2016 season, so there was a huge expectation from him. But because of less emotion on field, he faced NFL suspensions on the field and that was the only downside of him.

super bowl li 2017

Super Bowl LI: Where Patriots Roared and Falcons Sacrificed

February 5, 2017 was a glorious day for New England Patriots as they made their journey at Houston with victory. On that game, if anyone was the main role player for Patriots, that was obviously the quarterback of Patriots, Tom Brady. He was also the first quarterback who attained the recognition of Super Bowl MVP for fourth time and broke the record of his own hero Joe Montana.

On the first quarter, both of the team tried to play on defensive mode. On the first half,the running back of Falcons, Devonta Freeman play was the longest with 37 yard though it didn’t made any points. Also on the second quarter, Tom Brady, The quarterback of New England Patriots, made a 27-yard pass on Falcons ground. Falcons on the first half was able to move the ball 62 yards on just five play whereas the Patriots failed to get their first down.

Super bowl LI

The fun fact of that Super Bowl Li is mainly on the play of RB James. He caught 14 pases that broke Denver old record. In the history, it was ninth times for Patriots on super bowl and fifth for Tom Brady team. But still the Falcons had the opportunity to win but unfortunately they didn’t.

Mainly when the the patriots won the toss, they started to take control over the game. As they have the quarterback like Brady, so it was not difficult for them to gain control. But both the team have flip flopped with the opportunities. On the first half, the Patriots drove the ball with a high speed to the 23 and 33 yard when Falcons were busy to defend Patriots but they failed to score. And on the quarter four, The Falcons dove the ball to the Patriots 32 and 22 yard line but they ended up with zero points.

The significant part of that game was that for the first time, it gave us the overtime section in NFL for the first time. It’s not too much to say that, it was one of the high caliber game on the NFL history. But at the beginning, it was not so exciting as both the teams were busy to play with securing their own arena. At some point, people started to think that Atlanta Falcons were going to win over on Patriots. Still, its American football; who knows what will happen in what point.

At the end, let’s talk about the overtime which was implemented for the first time. On the overtime section, the patriots won the toss and because of that, they never look back on forward. New England Patriots drove the ball over 75 yard in just over four minutes.

So, if you are football enthusiastic and obsessed with NFL, then obviously you watched the Super Bowl LI. The most important players who was on that match, Tom Brady, won Super bowl MVP, gained attraction of the audience on the stadium with his undefeatable playing.