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Overview of 2018-19 NFL season

The 2018-19 NFL season is the 99th season of National football league (NFL) which began on September  6, 2019 with the Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles which defeated the Atlanta Falcons on that beginning play at 18-12. The seasons final conclusion will be held on February 3, 2019 at Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta which will be considered as Super Bowl LIII (the leagues championship).

The league trading year ultimately began on March 14,2018 but before that, the clubs were notified to sort out  the issues of expired contracts,2017 with players and their agents and at March 12, clubs were allowed to enter into final contract with the agents of the players who were unrestricted.

After the pre-season of that league, the regular season started from September,9 with the match of Baltimore defeating Buffalo with the score 47-3 at M&T Bank stadium. On that week, Adrian Peterson who is playing for Washington Redskins became  the one who scores 100th in a career. There have many other records happened in 2018 like Adam Vinatieri who kicked his 566 th career field goal, Derrick Henry who became the second player to 99 yard touchdowns and so on.

The playoff of 2018 season began on January 5,2019 where the four winners of those playoff games will face the divisional round starts from January 13. Later, the winners will face conference championship game at January 20. The awaited Super Bowl LIII will be held on February 3 at  Mercedes- Benz stadium where the ultimate championship would be avowed.