English Premier League Sunday Matches March 2019

Sunday a great and most awaited day for us. We truly wait for this day to spare some time for ourselves plus we want to forage our exhausted mind by spending some time on a sports event or watching movies. For me, I had decided to watch the premier league matches this week.

But I have to change my game plan as there is barely any match left for me.

Actually, there is no match scheduled this weekend. But I ponder my wish can be contented very soon cause the next matches scheduled for me on Saturday 31st March.

Well, I am really waiting to see Fulham and Man city matches what will be held at Craven Cottage, London. Really this will be a very thrilling game as Mancity stands at position 2 where Fulham at position 19th. And Man city recent result also inspiring for the fans.

If I find some coinage left at my wallet then I must purchase MANU and Watford match ticket.

As Manu already far ahead from Watford and their recent result little bit worrying hope that this match can be a fresh sniff for them.

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I will never miss the match score and update of West Ham vs Everton at London Stadium, London.Though two teams are good enough and they both staying very close at the point table so this match going to very electrifying.

The next match I will track record will be Crystal Palace vs Huddersfield   at Selhurst Park, London though Huddersfield staying at 20th on the point table where Crystal Palace slightly ahead of 14th position but  Huddersfield won their last match where

Crystal Palace lost. So mentally Huddersfield will be more stable than CRY.

Well, I will never feel bored if someone discusses about the match Brighton vs Southampton at Amex Stadium, Falmer It will be a really tough game as both are a very close team and staying at 15th  and 16th position. The two matches will also give me pleasure and my wife really likes one of these team but I don’t gonna reveal now.

These matches are Burnley vs Wolves at Turf Moor, Burnley and Leicester Vs  Bournemouth King Power Stadium, Leicester. Wolves are doing extremely well recent times and their position is 7th where Burnley is at the bottom of the point table. Wolves did really well by keeping their points from CHE while BUR loses its points from LEI.

Bournemouth vs Leicester going to be a very good game as they also holding very close positions and it is 12th for BOU and 10th for LEI.

All I supposing a good day for me and expectantly I will take a break to accomplish my desire.

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