Jacob Hollister

Jacob Hollister The New England Patriots to Seattle Seahawks

Jacob Hollister forced to transfer from his old team for a profitable trade. The New England Patriots going to trade their best weapon Jacob Hollister for Seattle Seahawks. By this trading, New England Patriots will get a 2020 seventh-round pick as a bonus.

This gonna be a crypto deals this year and one of the greatest trade of NFL draft history.

The Patriots completely failed to hire some strong player for them this year but Hollister moved presumed to fight for a massive role in 2019 as the team changes without the retreated Rob Gronkowski.

Veteran Austin Seferian-Jenkins convert the Patriots’ most undergone set end after signing a one-year deal as a free agent, as well as a team wish to ink four-year veteran Matt LaCosse (Broncos) to a two-year deal this offseason.


Former Houston Texans strong end Stephen Anderson, who wasted last season on New England’s training team, is also on the intensity plan beside 2018 seventh-round pick Ryan Izzo.

Hollister set his impact on NFL last two season with his talent and contributed for his team. He played almost  5 regular-season games as a rookie, with his primary impact coming on special teams.

Though he was little injured on 2018 and injuries constrained his match a lot and he just managed 8 games that season. But the 6-foot-4, 245-pound Hollister has totaled eight catches for 94 yards over two seasons.

On the other hand, the Seahawks played 4 tight ends on their 90-man roster, plus undrafted free agent Justin Johnson. However, Hollister had the capability to do something for his team with a second-year tight end and it has the possibility after Dissly getting off a knee injury.

“He has a lot of football in front of him,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick of Hollister last offseason. “He didn’t have a lot of experience — had some — but has gained a lot and will gain a lot more. I think he’s got a great future. He works hard, he’s a tough kid, he plays hard, practices hard and has become much better at his fundamentals and techniques at his position.”