Karim Benzema Pair Goals gives new beliefs to The White Army

A goal that drugged millions of supporter, A goal that froze thousands fan and a goal that gave new belief to the others. Everything was the last match. Another La Liga match that gave all the excitement and Pith of pleasure.

Summary: Real Madrid 2-1 Eibar

It was a great match, one-sided match also. The match was a fight between mammoth and a Hare. But It is Football where every moment can change the momentum where people can’t predict what will happen next. the similar things happened last night where fist startup was from Eibar. Really incredible! But it happened because Eibar has  Marc Cardona who scored the first goal that drugged thousands supporter of white Army. The 39th minute was such a moment when the commentator commented “Goal! Real Madrid 0, Eibar 1. Marc Cardona (Eibar) right footed shot from very close range to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Gonzalo Escalante with a through the ball” But nobody enjoyed except the Eibar supporter and it was stimulating for the Real team.

Isco Real recruit obtained Freekick Regular basis but no goal was seen until the 59th minutes and it Was Benzema who first made equilibrium between two teams.

The moment when commentator announced the beautiful word “Goal! Real Madrid 1, Eibar 1. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) header from the center of the box to the top left corner. Assisted by Marco Asensio with a cross” Really it was the life-saving comment of the day. This was really Important match for Real Madrid cause They needed a win to sustain their positions on point table so it gave a real kick to Madrid Tents. Another Goal might be Possible if The Eibar keeper couldn’t save the Isco assisted Marco Asensio shot. But the match was totally controlled by Madrid at that time.

When First half Eibar was ahead of Madrid on Balls possession but at Second Half Madrid played it’s a natural game and attacked several time to get another goal for sustaining their Victory. And at 81 minutes Madrid confirmed it’s a victory by Benzema another goal and the moment was like that “Goal! Real Madrid 2, Eibar 1. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) header from the center of the box to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Toni Kroos with a cross following a corner”

This was a perfect Example of rising and fall this was a great match for the supporters. And this was the match for Benzema who sealed Eibar and deprived Eibar supporter a win.

After winning this match Real Madrid now stands at position 3 by earning 18 points.

Hope they can go the second position by thrown Atletico next some matches.