Liverpool vs FC Porto

Keita, Firmino Goals Give a Great Shock to Porto


A beautiful goal from Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino Gave a boost to stand out their other opponents.

They did extremely well and Played extremely well after got shock from last week match. It is Naby Keita who brought the first Goal for his team at the very beginning. EPL leaders played like a hero and FC Porto just watch the beautiful game.

It was a great night for Liverpool where Porto could merely Enjoy the night. Consuming Two Goals they tried their best even they shown Yellow card for making bad Foul.

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64 percent control on Ball gave the opportunity to Liverpool making more scores. But Credit goes to Porto defends that they could at least save some goals and could Keep Salah away from scores.

Mohamed Salah tried his best but he did mistakes also his Attempt was missed. His left footed shot from the center of the box was very close but missed to the right bar.

But Liverpool got his second goal From Brazilian Star Roberto Firmino. Roberto familiar right footed shot from very close range to the center of the goal. That Goal was Assisted by Trent Alexander-Arnold.

But after That Porto showed that they did not bear for consuming goals. So they made a castle where the next 68 minutes Liverpool could rarely succeed. They also went attack and got five corners but their attempt was Vain for lacking a good striker.

Porto tried their best to get a penalty kick by shouting Handball on Alexander-Arnold were waved off after video review following Alisson’s saves from Marega.

Porto missed the Chance at 55 minutes and Salah made a good number of Foul at match day.

The Progress Team made a great game plan so that still they keep the dream of going next round by defeated English Giant at next match which will be held on April 17 at their home ground.

But For this Porto should score 3 and they also need to make sure keep away from goal bar to the English Giant.

We are hoping a good match which will be held at 17 till then this match will be remembered as a great night hangover for Liverpool supporter. On the other side nothing but a Nightmare.