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Last UCL Matches Preview: Which Teams Are Ahead?

Last week we found few very interesting matches that not only proffered us enjoyment but also frustrated on some point especially Barca Man Utd match and Arsenal FC Porto match couldn’t deliver enough excitement that they actually provide every time. Let’s look at the highlights over these four matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo one goal tipped Juventus a chance to tie with  1-1 at Ajax in the first leg League quarter-final which was held last Wednesday. on the Field, Ronaldo reaches the milestone of his record 125th UCL goal at the halftime of the match but   David Neres.

Tied the match by scoring his goal before the half time ended.

At second half no team could make an opportunity to create a victory for them.

Barcelona overcame the match against Manchester United for the mistakes done from Man U Luke Shaw Suicidal Goal and it gave the first-leg victory at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

The whole match couldn’t provide enough excitement though there were many superstars. But it gave relief to Barca Supporter As Barca Hardly lost any match at their Venue since last thirty Years.

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South Korea’s Son Heung-min once again gave proof of his competencies and provided a mellow Victory against English Giant Man City. Which again proves that there are many weapons of Tottenham Hotspur beside Harry Kane as Heung-min 78th minute goal gave them triumph over Man City.

This Victory clearly gives a chance of Tottenham to make a ticket of Semifinal just drawing the next match. Where it becomes tough for Man City cause now they need to win at least two goals ahead than Tottenham but strong defense lineup like Tottenham it will make a tough game for them.

A Dull and pithy Match where Two beautiful goals from Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino brought a 2-0 win over Porto and take them a safe position where they can dream to get semi-final ticket.

It was a  bitterly cold night at Anfield, Liverpool was given their best on the first half but Porto performance was commendable after consuming two goals in the first half. They could save more goals and attacked several time to earn a goal. But it was not their night so they just lost their point but gained confidence which can help them to win next match.