Barcelona vs Man Utd

Man Utd vs Barcelona 0-1: 1st Leg

Barcelona triumph over the British Giant with trifle difference. Two teams were equal in consideration of power and professionalism. But Red Army suicidal goal gives a chance Barca to see the dream of going Semifinal.

The goal that shattered Manu plan and takes them on the verge of an exit from the tournament.

Barcelona clearly goes pick by the help of Man U player!

It was 12 minutes which slaughtered millions Man u supporter. First few seconds of twelve minutes were like an Attempt to miss where. Luis Suárez (Barcelona) header r from the right side of the six-yard box missed to the left. Messi has forwarded the ball to Suarez.

But what we watched was totally unbelievable after few seconds suicidal Goal by Luke Shaw, and after that, the scorecard changed like Manchester United 0, Barcelona 1.

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Barca hardly lost any point last 30 years in their home ground at Champions league so Man u can get the test of win even they could Tie the match. But their fate was written a defeat and it was sealed last night.

Attempt missed at 19  minutes by Ashley Young (Manchester United) right footed shot from outside the box missed to find the goal post. And it again disheartens their supporter.

Paul Pogba new superstar completely failed to set his impact last night. And Man u couldn’t make any tight plan to achieve any goal from the Barsa.

The rest of the time was meaningless cause the match was predicted after the 12 minutes.

It was a good match but not an excited cause two superstars of Barca and one of Manu was totally fade that night. Fans of two teams expected a great night but their hopes were extinct by the poor performance of Messi and Pogba.

After the match, Barca become ahead of Manu and can expect semifinal easily