jesus vs Czech Republic

Match Preview : Brazil vs Czech Republic 3-1

An easy game! But new star Roberto Firmino and Gabriel Jesus scored the goal that brings victory for Brazil before Copa cup in June.

The last minute’s goal by Jesus not only hammered on Czech coffin but also brought an outstanding victory for Brazil camp. The match was one-sided even the result was prophesied but all prediction was demolished by David Pavelka (Czech Republic) left footed shot from outside the box to the bottom left corner. All the Brazilian was appalled and couldn’t accept the beauty of the game. The Brazil tough game policy was screamed for saying they need a goal to show their competencies.

Summary: the Czech Republic 1-3 Brazil Gabriel Jesus scored 2 goals for his team.

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The match was exciting, all the beauty of Football bestowed that day. First attempt from  Czech and first foul from Brazil. A little bit unexpected but it is the beauty of Football and so many minutes people cherish for watching this type of performance. Where you can not prognosticate anything.

Brazil tough play and conventional Foul making activity forced us to get back to the classical Latin play. It should be admitted that the first half was Czech and that time Brazil just tried to defend them with all the strength they ought. I still can cherish the moment when commentator shouted his renowned comments “Goal! The Czech Republic 1, Brazil 0. David Pavelka (Czech Republic) left footed shot from outside the box to the bottom left corner.”

All the Brazilian was quiet at that moment. But after consuming that Goal Brazil era started. Brazil showed their strength once again and keep their reputation as a goal machine.

Roberto Firmino who first started making a goal for his team at 49 minutes and the new star  Gabriel Jesus finished it on his own way. Every Brazil’s Goal was excellent to see but the goal at 83 minutes is really praised worthily the Jesus goal made the supporter happy and the moment was so beautiful that the commentary will have listened so many times “Goal! The Czech Republic 1, Brazil 2. Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) right footed shot from the right side of the six-yard box to the top right corner. Assisted by David Neres” An excellent successful effort really appreciated by this type of goal.

After the defeat Czech manager, Jaroslav Silhavy admits his team mistake that his team cannot keep the pressure in the second half and Brazil took the opportunity to score 3 goals for them.

“We couldn’t keep the fast pace from the first half when we played very intensely and the Brazilians often did not know what to do with us,” Silhavy said. “The equalizing goal put the opposing side in the saddle. It was our mistake. It was  Jaroslav Silhavy statement after the match.

It was a good practice match for Brazil before the Copa America match schedule in June.

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