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New England Patriots Unknown Facts

Currently on NFL, if any club is dominating then it is New England Patriots. With the leading of the great player Tom Brady, this club is dominating on every Super Bowl from the beginning. But what are the reasons that is making the club so special and why they are performing so well than others. Well. let’s take a look on some facts and figures through which you can understand why this club remains he best.

Patriots is mainly based on Boston which is considered one of the most professional team on American football and one of the prominent member of AFC ( American football conference). The first NFL game was played by Patriots on 1970 in Foxborough. The New England Patriots played their home games from 1971 to 2002 on their Foxboro home stadium. Even on the beginning period, Patriots don’t even have their own stadium and they needed to rely on the others.

The key strength force for New England Patriots are their head coach Bill Belichick and their star player Tom Brady. Since Brady has joined with Patriots, it started to win the most prestigious prize which is Super Bowl on a continuous basis. The last time when New England Patriots appeared for super bowl was Super Bowl LIII. It was the ninth season for Tom Brady team on super bowl journey. Till now, the team has won six super bowl (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI, and LIII) and lost in five super bowls ( XX, XXXI, XLII, XLVI, and LII).

There have 22 players who New England Patriots selected for their hall of fame recognition. It was established on 1991 and they award it  to the player whose contribution for the club is the most. There have a selection committee who defined which player is more worthy to get the most prestigious Hall of Fame. Even on the 2008, they appointed a nominal committee to introduce the most valuable three players for the hall of fame.

Most of the teams need to travel in many parts of the world for playing purpose. New England patriots is not out of that circle. On 2017, they bought their own aircrafts which are two Boeing 767. They are the first team who bought their own aircrafts on NFL . Those two aircrafts were previously operated by American Airlines from 1991.

Patriots follow two types on strategy on their playing mode. On-field and off-field strategy. Those strategy was adopted by Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and it is proven to be the most effective way on previous super bowls. Even if you want to get a more clearer idea about that strategy, then you can look for the book which was published on 2004 “Patriot Reign”.

New Patriots England have a foundation which was on established on 1994 by Robert Kraft to help the people who are deprived from all kind of facilities. Already that foundation has participated in many philanthropic works like aiding the distressed people, visiting the England’s hospitals etc. The charity comes from the direct donations of the NFL star players throughout the year. This foundation also helps the activities which foster education, health and other philanthropic purpose. On the last February, the 50 members of New England Patriots including the players and the family members visited on the Atlanta Mission’s Shepherd’s and donated 6500 cans of soup.

Now, take a look a on the top players of NFL for whom the New England Patriots soaring on that level of high position. At the first point, who I prefer the most and for whom the team is doing well is the quarterback of New England Patriots- Tom Brady. He has the direct contribution on every super bowl that New England Patriots has won so far. The second person whose contribution is significant is the wide receiver of Patriots- Julian Edelman. He started his NFL career with Patriots on 2009. Till now, he played four super bowls and on every super bowl, he led as a wide receiver of Patriots.

Another wide receiver who is also doing great on Patriots is Chris Hogan. Early college footballer at Monmouth University, later joined at NFL 2011. He was seen almost 16 games on behalf of Patriots and did great on every game especially on NFL.

Many of you may wonder how much the New England Patriots worth or what is the current value of New England Patriots. Well, according to the Forbes, its bought price 172 million USD and  its revenue last year was approximately 593 million. So, you can understand that financially Patriots is doing well and that is also supplementing the needs of Patriots though they don’t even paid significant money on players in recent years.

There are also some other points which can be mentioned here but this are the facts which you can look over for better understanding on the strategy and playing style of New England Patriots.                                 

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