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Super Bowl LI: Where Patriots Roared and Falcons Sacrificed

February 5, 2017 was a glorious day for New England Patriots as they made their journey at Houston with victory. On that game, if anyone was the main role player for Patriots, that was obviously the quarterback of Patriots, Tom Brady. He was also the first quarterback who attained the recognition of Super Bowl MVP for fourth time and broke the record of his own hero Joe Montana.

On the first quarter, both of the team tried to play on defensive mode. On the first half,the running back of Falcons, Devonta Freeman play was the longest with 37 yard though it didn’t made any points. Also on the second quarter, Tom Brady, The quarterback of New England Patriots, made a 27-yard pass on Falcons ground. Falcons on the first half was able to move the ball 62 yards on just five play whereas the Patriots failed to get their first down.

Super bowl LI

The fun fact of that Super Bowl Li is mainly on the play of RB James. He caught 14 pases that broke Denver old record. In the history, it was ninth times for Patriots on super bowl and fifth for Tom Brady team. But still the Falcons had the opportunity to win but unfortunately they didn’t.

Mainly when the the patriots won the toss, they started to take control over the game. As they have the quarterback like Brady, so it was not difficult for them to gain control. But both the team have flip flopped with the opportunities. On the first half, the Patriots drove the ball with a high speed to the 23 and 33 yard when Falcons were busy to defend Patriots but they failed to score. And on the quarter four, The Falcons dove the ball to the Patriots 32 and 22 yard line but they ended up with zero points.

The significant part of that game was that for the first time, it gave us the overtime section in NFL for the first time. It’s not too much to say that, it was one of the high caliber game on the NFL history. But at the beginning, it was not so exciting as both the teams were busy to play with securing their own arena. At some point, people started to think that Atlanta Falcons were going to win over on Patriots. Still, its American football; who knows what will happen in what point.

At the end, let’s talk about the overtime which was implemented for the first time. On the overtime section, the patriots won the toss and because of that, they never look back on forward. New England Patriots drove the ball over 75 yard in just over four minutes.

So, if you are football enthusiastic and obsessed with NFL, then obviously you watched the Super Bowl LI. The most important players who was on that match, Tom Brady, won Super bowl MVP, gained attraction of the audience on the stadium with his undefeatable playing. 

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