Super bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII: A Preview on Rams & Patriots 2019

The battle between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will be held on February 3, 2019 at Mercedes- Benz stadium to determine the champion of 2018 NFL season which is also referred as the Super Bowl LIII. It will be the first Super Super Bowl at Mercedes- Benz after it opened on 2017. Here, I will go through the two teams odds and possibilities on winning the game and will try to give a general overview on the performance of both teams throughout the season.
Whenever we think about New England Patriots, the name which comes across first on our mind first is Tom Brady. With the 4355 passing yards and 29 touchdowns, he is now working as the main driving force for New England Patriots against Los Angeles Rams. Bill Belichick, the coach of Patriots, heading the team with a visionary mindset and it seems that the Patriots is roaring under his effective supervision. On the play mode, The Patriots use man to man coverage which makes the play difficult for the opposition quarterbacks and pass catchers. On the question of defending the Rams, the Patriots need to possess the ball extra with more aggressiveness. As they are the only team which is playing three consecutive Super Bowl at a time, obviously supporters of Patriots can expect the best from their team. Super bowl LIII The Los Angeles Rams ranked on second position on offense with a yards score 6,738 and points with 527.  Jared Goff also set his new career high with a passing touchdown 32 and rushing yard 108. The defensive tackle like Aaron Donald will work as a key force on behalf of Los Angeles Rams against Patriots. The Patriots also need to face Todd Gurley, the leading rusher Rams who has 59 passes for 580 yards.
On the divisional round, Patriots defeated the Dallas at 30-22 and that mainly gives the boost to Rams. It’s the challenge now for Belichick whether he can win his sixth super bowl or not. But the Rams is also in the fierce mood since they win over the New Orleans Saints at 26-23. Also its for Rams to see whether they can take the challenge of three consecutive Super Bowl players, New England Patriots. The Patriots have never played any Super Bowl at Atlanta, so it’s the time for them to prove whether they can win over there. Also , it’s an opportunity for Rams to prove themselves that the can also win in any situation against any team.

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