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Arsenal Again Lost In English Premier League

Again Shame! After Chelsea Arsenal also Follow the same way of getting defeated from underdog.

Arsenal missed the golden opportunity but give the mellow Chelsea as Chelsea confirmed the position 4 on premier league standings. It was another unexpected match that gift 3-1 score match and a shame to the Gurners.

It was not Arsenal or the real Gurners. A weak opponent Wolverhampton Wanderers

Defeated English Giant by scoring 3 Goals. English premier league results showing another unexpected result after Chelsea defeat last night

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The number 10 team vanquished number five within First half. I don’t know when this type of result last happened. The first goal happened of 28 minutes  Rúben Neves (Wolverhampton Wanderers) scored the very initial goal from a free kick with a right footed shot to the bottom left corner.

The second goal came at 37 minutes  This time Matt Doherty (Wolverhampton Wanderers)scored his goal by his header from the center of the box.The ball comes from  Jonny with a cross following a corner.

And the third goal comes from 47 minutes this time Diogo Jota (Wolverhampton Wanderers) scored the final goal for his team by his left footed shot from the left side of the box to the center of the goal.

The Gunners forgot to play that day. They didn’t find any net of the goal post and welcomed opponent so that could fulfill the quarter goal consumption. Anyway, they could manage a goal at 80 minutes fro the leg of Sokratis (Arsenal) his header from very close range to the center of the goal. Which was assisted by Granit Xhaka with a cross following a corner?

The result gives Arsenal in fifth place on 66 points, hunting fourth-place Chelsea on 67 points and leading of sixth-place Manchester United.


Arsenal vs United A Game That Changed The Game Plan

Millions of audience with every bit of time just waiting to see the defeat of their against the team. Every player had their resolution to set a goal for them. Each goalkeeper has kept their eyes into one ball. Every moment was counted but everyone just devours the beauty of Football.

They had no track of their time or they just sit statically to be the part of the glory. Yes, one team did it. They could back the love of their Fans. And it is Arsenal the love for millions of people the hope for Thousands of people and the hates for another million people. It was Granit Xhaka who forced an exceptional goalkeeping error from Spanish recruiter David de Gea as his Zagged shot fired the Gunners in ahead of inside 12 minutes before Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s penalty has nailed the last Alpin to the Red devil coffin and he ensured the expected victory halfway through the second half. Though United hit the finishing line twice in between first half there was a clear after effect from Wednesday’s Champions League recklessness in Paris as they endured their first Premier League downfall placed at December 16.

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Arsenal advance United into fourth as they have consequence home victory, as a result, they moved to the point table at third-place. Though it is

Tottenham giving sound on the top-four race exaggerates as they have almost eight games to play.

This victory really gives a cool bridge to the Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger and he going to hit the plan to increase the position where Red Devils coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer now thinking to get more victory to overcome this bad time.

Red Devils fans are not sobbing they just keep their rage to show it when Man u can defeat the Gunners. And the other part is enjoying this victory and keeping their energy to enjoy one more time.

The next match will take place 1st April clearly it will be a great opportunity for the Gurners to go up the next position while Red Devils are awaiting eagerly to hold their position and go up by getting the victory