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Incredible: Messi Leaves The Bench in Last Moment To Rescue

Catalans make a below-average play against Villarreal, but they get an epic reaction and reduce injury before facing Atletico Madrid’s runner-up at the Camp Nou.

It was one of those nights at the Estadio de la Cerámica where football is impossible to understand. Villarreal started better, tightening Barcelona, ​​and took two goals, Coutinho and Malcolm. Messi must have thought of the bench that could finally rest, but the Yellow Submarine grew, turned and got to be winning by 4 to 2. The Argentine player was already on the field at that time and tried a few passes to pierce the defense, but could only move in the scoreboard just in charge of foul at the end. There was still something missing to close the script: in the last move, Suárez hit a beautiful kick to make it all the same: 4 to 4, certainly in one of the craziest games in the recent history of the Spanish Championship.

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It was to be a quiet match for Barça, visiting the 17th place. But with the floor of the carriage, the shirt 10 needed to enter the field in the 16 minutes of the second half. Enough to influence the game, with a precise collection of the half-moon in the upper corner of Asenjo. It was the sixth goal of his absence only in this Spanish – and seventh in the season, equaling his best mark in Barça (2015/16 and 2017/18). It’s turning into a penalty.

Even when they were ahead, Barcelona seemed far from controlling the game. Having Stegen defended – and also failed – the beam helped, and the truth is that the Yellow Submarine could have won three very important points in the fight against relegation. Cazorla (the former Arsenal) and Samuel Chukwueze, a 19-year-old Nigerian (shirt 30), stand out.

Malcom, the Brazilian only started the second time in Spanish  League and managed to show his value. He gave the assist to the goal of Coutinho and then scored in the header after the sweet cross of Suárez. Won points with Ernesto Valverde in the absence of Dembélé and has chances to start the important game on Saturday against Atletico Madrid.

However, Messi equaled Cristiano Ronaldo as the top scorer in the history of the top-5 leagues in Europe. The Argentine has 414 goals in Spanish, while Portuguese adds the same number by English (84), Spanish (311) and Italian (19)

Lionel Messi

A Hat Trick Goal That Changes The Game

The Result was predicted but the taste was not faded, A hatric and some dramatic kicks

Boost up the mood…

From the first minute the game showing its color. A corner kick made by Betis gave the confidence to fight back but they might have another strategy by setting their team as 3 – 1 – 4 – 2 formation. On the other hand, conformist Barcelona had their signature formation 4 – 4 – 2. One Messi and Suarez changed all the plan of Betis. And Betis couldn’t believe that they have to hear the tenacious word “Goal! Real Betis 0, Barcelona 1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) from a free kick with a left footed shot to the top left corner” Yes It was Goal by the Lionel. A multimillion Recruit gave its value By making Goal. Betis Algerian Recruiter Mandi  Played Really well especially making foul unnecessarily to the opponents.

Barcelona vs Betis

Real Betis was thinking to give back the Goal but again at 47 minutes, They had to guzzle another Goal. I still can hear the sound “Goal! Real Betis 0, Barcelona 2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) left footed shot from the center of the box to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Luis Suárez with a through the ball”

The second half was totally for Barcelona though Real Betis paid one goal at 82 minutes and It was completed by Loren Morón with the help of Diego Lainez.

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But The already consumed Hat Trick Goal and the Third Goal was Ended by Uruguayan Luis Suárez which was assisted by Spaniard  Gerard Piqué. Still, something was left to see and the audience who spent money to see this one side game got full entertainment By the great superstar Lionel and all the Barca Fans was undulated By reaching this common but expected word “Goal! Real Betis 1, Barcelona 4. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) left footed shot from the left side of the box to the high center of the goal. Assisted by Ivan Rakitic.”By winning this match Barca crofting its First position and Betis at number 8th position.

The match was stimulating, The match was actually watchable, The match had a bunch of Entrainment. The match gave all it’s performing to the Audience. I just conjecturing When again I can see a match like this.

Summary: Barca 4 Betis 1 and Lio scored 3 out of 4 goals. Suarez didn’t miss the chance and scored one Goal. Betis Paid one Goal after Suarez attack.


real betis vs barcelona

Barca vs Betis: A Preview On Sunday Game

On the La Liga, Real Betis is going to face the another titan Barcelona tomorrow. Barca is now considered undefeatable based on the previous matches including El Clasico. Already Barca announced their squad against Real Betis for the upcoming match. The forward of Real Madrid Cristian Tello said that playing against Barca is always special for the Real Betis.

Ernesto Valverde designed his team in such a way where they can give the team best team on every step. Barca manager announced 18 man team that are Ter Stegen, Semedo, Piqué, Rakitic, Sergio, Coutinho, Arthur, Suárez, Messi, Cillessen, Malcom, Lenglet, Jordi Alba, Boateng, Sergi Roberto, Aleñá, Vidal and Umtiti..

It is 28 round of La Liga and it’s a very intense week as all the attention is on now La Liga. All eyes is now on the Barcelona as they are top pick from every side. It will be not a very easy game which got cleared from the previous games played by Barca and Betis. On previous match, Barca got their win over Rayo on top basis, so  it will be not to say a huge that on that upcoming game, Barca will be the ultimate dominator. But if the Betis wants to win, they need to look over some of the facts on Barca,

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Lionel Messi, on every match he appears as a opponent destroyer, need to focus on him by a close eye. On the three matches of last five matches against Betis, Messi paved his way with a very strong hand. Barca is a very favourite team but they should not take Betis on lite. Who knows, the result can reverse and they can lost.

After all, fate matters!   


La liga match resul

Barca vs Rayo: The Undefeatable Barca

Barca faced the Rayo Vallecano yesterday and win over them with 3-1 score. With the goal of Messi, Suarez and Pique, Barca touched another mark with straight seven points. With that match, Vallecano lost straight 12 games against Barca. On that game, the performance of  messi is unquestionable just like other games. On the second half, Suarez was fouled and from the they gained another goal which led them to the margin of victory.

FCB vs Rayo

Barca coach Valverde still expressed that match as a tough one. But the audience who were present there can get the point of how easy for Messi team to win that game. Now, on LaLiga its again get cleared that Barcelona is undefeatable and even on the lack of Ronaldo, they are not considering the madrid as one of their main rival. After winning against the Real Madrid, this win also gave the Barca a boost to compete now against any other team. After that game, Messi remain the top scorer on LaLiga with 26 goal on 25 games. And another titan of Barca Suarez remained the second goal scorer on LaLiga with the number of goal 17.

Lionel Messi

Raul de Tomas, who actually gave a hope to the Rayo but only by his own effort, he would not able to take his team against other giant like Barca. Rayo who played against Barca after six consecutive defeats, was little bit aggressive against Barca to win. But at last they did not managed after Messi was there. From the November, the cycle of win of the team of Barca going on. They have won 14 games at a stretch so far. As I mentioned earlier, Barca won 13 games against Rayo.

FCB vs Rayo

Now, let aside the Barca fact and come back to the Messi. As we know, whenever barca keep soaring high, there is even a little touch of Messi. Messi for the first time come back to the squad of Argentina team. After giving disappointment by the Argentina team on the Russia, there was suspicion that whether Messi will return or not to the squad. But after all the doubt and suspicion, he came back.

Hope, there is still light for Barca as they keep soaring high to their end mission. Best of luck Barca!