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Zach Brown

Eagles Bring Zach Brown to Ensure a Better Defense Line

The Philadelphia Eagles have brought linebacker Zach Brown to a one-year contract on NFL Draft 2019. It was fixed and confirmed Friday.

Brown, 29, became a free agent when the Washington Redskins discharged him on March 13.

Middle linebacker became a necessary for Eagles As their star player Jordan Hicks left them and joined with the Arizona Cardinals in free agency. Brown will assist and contribute for the team with the players like Nigel Bradham, Kamu Grugier-Hill, Paul Worrilow, Nathan Gerry and L.J. Fort.

Though Brown played well last Season he needs to concentrate more on consistency. As he was unable to play well last season Redskins left him this season. He was transferred as a backup role four the final four games. It was an insult for him and he was searching for a good team for showing his latency. After his benching, Brown said he could see the “writing on the wall” with his time in Washington.


Brown, was first picked by Tennessee in 2012, he proceeded the Pro Bowl two years ago in his only season with Buffalo. The Redskins, searching someone who can handle his defense line so they contracted Brown the coming offseason to a one-year deal. He tried his best to give feedback to his team and he managed with a team-best 127 tackles, Though he has to miss three games. He was managing the NFL in tackles when he got hurt in Week 14.

They re-signed him last offseason to a three-year deal worth up to $24 million, though the decision was not viewed as a consistent one throughout the organization. Another team  The Oakland Raiders also showed their interest in Brown last season. His statement saves $5.75 million in cap space.

Brown was expendable when Redskins made a pair with Foster on November. They played the same inside linebacker but unfortunately, they couldn’t bring any fortunate for their team. So it was necessary to sack Brown for his team.

Last season was really bad for Brown off form with injury brought trouble of his career. Maybe this season he can start afresh kick for him and for his team as well.

Jacob Hollister

Jacob Hollister The New England Patriots to Seattle Seahawks

Jacob Hollister forced to transfer from his old team for a profitable trade. The New England Patriots going to trade their best weapon Jacob Hollister for Seattle Seahawks. By this trading, New England Patriots will get a 2020 seventh-round pick as a bonus.

This gonna be a crypto deals this year and one of the greatest trade of NFL draft history.

The Patriots completely failed to hire some strong player for them this year but Hollister moved presumed to fight for a massive role in 2019 as the team changes without the retreated Rob Gronkowski.

Veteran Austin Seferian-Jenkins convert the Patriots’ most undergone set end after signing a one-year deal as a free agent, as well as a team wish to ink four-year veteran Matt LaCosse (Broncos) to a two-year deal this offseason.


Former Houston Texans strong end Stephen Anderson, who wasted last season on New England’s training team, is also on the intensity plan beside 2018 seventh-round pick Ryan Izzo.

Hollister set his impact on NFL last two season with his talent and contributed for his team. He played almost  5 regular-season games as a rookie, with his primary impact coming on special teams.

Though he was little injured on 2018 and injuries constrained his match a lot and he just managed 8 games that season. But the 6-foot-4, 245-pound Hollister has totaled eight catches for 94 yards over two seasons.

On the other hand, the Seahawks played 4 tight ends on their 90-man roster, plus undrafted free agent Justin Johnson. However, Hollister had the capability to do something for his team with a second-year tight end and it has the possibility after Dissly getting off a knee injury.

“He has a lot of football in front of him,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick of Hollister last offseason. “He didn’t have a lot of experience — had some — but has gained a lot and will gain a lot more. I think he’s got a great future. He works hard, he’s a tough kid, he plays hard, practices hard and has become much better at his fundamentals and techniques at his position.”


NFL banner

National Football League Draft Update 2019

Nick Bosa come to attend the Reunion with his Brother after The NFL First Draft. Nick Bosa one of the prominent and young stars of NFL 2018 is now intended to go from his team  Ohio State University to the Southern California, where he will be welcomed by his elder brother condo.

The older Bosa, Joey, stayed only 10 minutes endlessly from the rehab department where Nick proposed to train. So it can be said that the Bosa brothers shared space again after some years. As they cruised different paths, Joey completing a playoff-bound season for the Los Angeles where Nick was happy to be a part of Ohio State University.

Nick and Condo will spend a good time this season while Bosa can concentrate more on a play and can give his best by getting advice from his brother When the journalists asked him about the transfer he replied

“When it’s all set and done,” Joey said, “I think he will be.”

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The performance that Nick showed last season was so exceptional that everybody expecting he will be drafted number 1. But the San Francisco 49ers Bought him No. 2, immediately after the Arizona Cardinals picked Oklahoma q.B Kyler Murray.

Joey (6-foot-5, 269 pounds at 2016 combined) and Nick (6-foot-4, 266 pounds at 2019 combined) Can be the best pair of this season where Joey has good power and control over the ball and Nick has the faster move which can be a strong combination for their team.

Together they can bring a good number of victory for their team. If we compare the history it visualizes that Joey, who was the third overall pick three years ago, amassed 28.5 sacks, 51 quarterback hits and 35 tackles for loss through his first 35 NFL games. And his younger  Nick followed Joey from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in South Florida to Ohio State, compiling 13.5 sacks through his first two collegiate seasons. Before suffering a season-ending core muscle injury in the third week of his junior year, Nick was generating pressure on 21.2 percent of his pass-rush attempts, the second-best rate in FBS.

generating pressure on 21.2 percent of his pass-rush attempts, the second-best rate in FBS

Joey didn’t impart much wisdom on Nick.

He didn’t feel as if he needed to.

“People think we’re having these, like, deep life conversations about all this stuff,” Joey said with a laugh. “I mean he’ll ask for advice every once in a while, but he’s got stuff covered. He’s smart. He’s mature for his age, so he’s got a lot covered. He always just watches and listens, just kind of has his own way about things. He takes what I did, or does, and he makes it better.


So a great season is awaiting and much more enjoyment will be delivered from this Pair. Just wait for the season.


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The Signing Game of NFL

The American football cornerback Bashaud Breeland signed a one year deal with Kansas city which max value around 5 million. Previously, he played for Packers and now it’s time to prove himself with Kansas city. The 27 year old Breeland spent his entire 2018 season with Packers with a record of 20 tackles and two interception. On September 2018, Packers signed a contract with Breeland on last September. But before that he was with Carolina panthers and he was with them on three year contract. He was failed to continue his journey because of his foot injury.

“It was very tough for me , you can understand what I actually mean?” Breeland told the reporters in last September. “To have a deal like that just taken away  for a freak accident, not even it is football-related, it was so devastating. But at the same time, it made me who I am. So, I don’t really regret it.”

He signed on week 4 but he will continue his journey till week 9 with Packers. By the departure of Breeland, now the packers is looking the support or replacement who can fill up the vacant position of Breeland. As I mentioned, he had a foot injury for what he was stopped from playing on last March. But the brave Breeland later come back with Kansas on full force.

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As the last week was all about signing, some other signing event also took attention of the NFL lovers. For example, Nick Foles, one of the most famous American football quarterback, got almost 88 USD from Jacksonville Jaguars Another player  Landon Collins who got also 84 million from Washington Redskins.

On 2019, plenty of players may attend with different clubs for their own winnings. So let’s take a look on some of those players who will roll out the year of NFL 2019. One of the players of them is Derrick Morgan who once suffers for his knee injury. At the first quarter of 2010, he also signed a 24 million contract. Being a linebacker on American football, he is doing everything to do best and as a result he is now the top pick of current NFL.

As we  know, in NFL players, performance matters most and for that reason, in every year some of the players will be on attraction.