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What makes a great team depends on the guideline or instruction of their mentor or coach. Same goes for any football team as its victory depends on the efficiency and tactics of their coach. On the NFL, the teams who have most victory so far, not only for their teams but for their coaches and mentors. In this article, I picked up some of the mentors and coaches whose efforts impacting their teams and giving them the ultimate victory.

Todd Bowles: He is the current head coach of New York Jets and the defensive coordinator. On his early period of career, he started on behalf of Washington Redskins as an free agent. On 1991, he then joined at  San Francisco 49ers and played in almost 16 games. After completing his career as an player, initially he started his coaching career as a personal staff with Green Bay Packers. Later, he started his journey as a defensive back with New York Jets on 2000. On 2018, he signed a contract where he agreed to work with New York Jets till 2020.

Vance Joseph: Vance Joseph was an American football player and currently mentoring as a defensive coordinator at one of the top NFL team Arizona Cardinals. On 1990, he played as a quarterback at University of Colorado and later joined at another great club “New York Jets” as a free agent. On his entire coaching career, he spent almost twelve years as a defensive coach at San Francisco. Later, he signed as a defensive coordinator at Arizona Cardinals and currently working there. With his discipline, perseverance and determination, he is taking Arizona Cardinals to a new high as the current records have proven that.

Dirk Koetter: Dirk Koetter is the current offensive coordinator at Atlanta Falcons. From 2016 to 2018, he was the head coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even he performed as a mentor on some other teams including Jacksonvill Jaguars and Buccaneers. He joined on Atlanta Falcons at 2012.

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Marvin Lewis: Marvin Lewis is considered the second longest periodical coach in NFL. From 1996 to 2001, he was the defensive coach of Baltimore Ravens and proed his efficiency there with highest capability. Marvin Lewis also currently performing as a commentator on Alliance of American Football (AAF). Previously he worked with some of the great teams including Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers as coach internship. Even he faced criticism one time because he left the Bengals but he came back with full force With the leading of him, Bengals achieved its ultimate victory.  

Steve Wilks: He is one of the top most American football coach and working as a defensive coordinator on behalf of  Cleveland Browns. Previously he mentored one of the another great teams which is Arizona Cardinals. Even, he passed times with some other teams including Chicago bears and San Diego Chargers. Even he was one of the well played from 1997 to 1991 with Appalachian State. So, with all of those experiences, passion and diligence, he is still remained one of the well played.

Sean McDermott: he is another American football superstar and the current head coach of Buffalo Bills on NFL. He started his career with one of the great teams which is Philadelphia Eagles on 1998 as an administrative coordinator. On 2009, he was appointed as a full time defensive coordinator but on 2011, unfortunately he fired.

On 2017, he joined on Buffalo Bills and showed his excellence with the opening 21-21 victory over New York jets. Even there was a win against another great team Atlanta Falcons which brings McDermott to the notice.

Jeff Fisher: He is considered one of top NFL expertise who played on his early life as a cornerback on American Football. On 2012, he joined on the Rams but unfortunately he was later fired by team. On his playing career, he was drafted by Chicago Bears and played on five season as a defensive back. He later stayed with bears as defensive assistant. On his early career of coaching, on 1991, he was the defensive coordinator on Los Angeles and later he joined as a defensive backs San Francisco 49ers. On 2019, he appeared on a Podcast show Pardon My Take which he mentioned that it was his best moment throughout his life.

Bill cowher: Bill was one of the top most football coach and a former professional player on NFL. He was the head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers and currently he is the studio analyst at The NFL Today. He was the previous linebacker of Philadelphia Eagles and also played for Cleveland Browns. He began his coaching career at the age of 28 on 1985 with Cleveland Browns. Then he joined at Pittsburgh Steelers and on 2006, iy won super bowl XL against Seattle Seahawks that gave an extra edge to his career.  


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