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Top Performers of 2017-2018 NFL

If you are looking for any game which is energized,highly calibered and fill with thrill; then obviously you should go for NFL league. In 2017-18 season, there was a lot of events which took place between the teams and players that added a new edge on NFL league. There is nothing exciting on that game than the players stacked up on against one another. Here, I picked up top 10 performer who nailed the 2017-18 NFL season most. So, let’s take a look on those top players who turned 2017-18 season into real buzz:

Aaron Rodgers: On 2017, quarterback had dominated all the season. Aaron Rodgers who played as a quarterback on Green Bay Packers, made his road on the way of success as a quarterback at 2017-18 season. He remained on the lead position with the highest NFL quarterback rating (104.1) in history. With the straight eight wins and 40 touchdown passes, he remained the best on the entire season.

Tom Brady: One of the greatest player in the team of New England Patriots who also played as a quarterback and took his team to highest peak of success. With the PFF grade 99.3 and with Super Bowl LI MVP awards, he dominated the season all along.

Julio Jones: One of the top wide receiver performing on behalf of Atlanta Falcons became the sixth player in 300-plus receiving yards in the league history. With the catching ability and body control, he caught the attention of others as a dominant player on the league.

Eric Berry: The star safety, Eric Berry, played on behalf of Kansas city who overcome his death diseases cancer and became one of the highest paid safety in NFL history as he signed an 78 million contract on off season. Actually, he highlighted most on 2016 when he scored 8 points individually against Atlanta.

Matt Ryan: Though the season not goes well for Atlanta, but still Matt did brilliant as a quarterback on the whole season. With the 117.1 rating and 38 career high touchdown passes, he remained the best.

Khalil Mack: He won the NFL defensive player of the year despite of the lacking of passing support from teammates. With the highest PFF grade (93.9), he really buzz the season as a consistently dominant edge rushers.

Aaron Donald: If you think of a consistently dominant force on NFL, you can only think about Aaron. With the 161 pressures over last two season and with the 90 defensive stops, he just make great than others on league.

Antonio Brown: In some case, he is more better than Julio Jones though he has not that type of physical dominance that Julio has. He is found to be the most impactful player when the team’s quarterback is on below level. He turns dangerous after the catch and those traits actually remained on top of the season.

Landon Collins: One of the most valuable safety for New York at NFL all the time. He was selected as the NFC defensive player of the week and had recorded 15 tackles on league

Josh Norman: Though he was one of the best cornerback on 2016 season, so there was a huge expectation from him. But because of less emotion on field, he faced NFL suspensions on the field and that was the only downside of him.


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