UEFA Champions league: Who will win?

UEFA champions league is turning with new move everyday. Just on recent week, the Juventus boy who joined on just few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo obtained the player of the week. After leaving the Madrid, there was suspicion among the fanbase of the Ronaldo that whether he will be able to back on his performance with his new teammates or not. But Ronaldo proved that he will be always on his track whatever the situation is. On the next quarterfinal match, Manchester United is going to face another top thriller club Barca. Does the United feeling fear to fight against one of the top spanish league Barca? Apparently they are saying not which got cleared on the expression of the United manager last day. The United manager  Ole Gunnar Solskjær has said that Manchester United have no fear of facing the giant and the most top scorer team Barcelona after drawing them in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Lionel Messi will be the core target point for United as on the last two meeting with Barca, it did not go well as the performance of Messi was outstanding. The way Barca is playing it is almost clear that they are focusing now only on the final which will be held on June 1. Now the thrilling which is working on the mind of the fanbase of Ronaldo and Messi that whether they are facing one to another on the coming final or not. Previously on El clasico, both faced on many times but when Ronaldo moved to Juventus, the possibility of meeting between that two great players reduced with great percentage.

On other match, The Ronaldo team Juventus will face the Ajax. If Juventus can manage the win against the Ajax, then the possibility of facing the Messi team Barca wit the Ronaldo team Juventus will increase a lot. On another match, the great Liverpool will face the Porto where there is a great percentage that Liverpool can win against Porto based on previous records. Still, now the Liverpool will face the two times European cup winners Porto which may change the results of the match. In another match Tottenham will face the Manchester City where it is almost obvious that the ball is on the City court.

Let’s take a look on the Quarter Final draw where the eight teams on UCL will face one another and will pave the way of Semi final and Final:

Manchester United vs. Barcelona

Ajax vs. Juventus

Liverpool vs. FC Porto

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City

Semi-Final Draw:

Tottenham or Man City vs. Ajax or Juventus

Man United or Barcelona vs. Liverpool or Porto



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