Watford Vs Arsenal: 0-1 Aubameyang Made Arsenal Keep Position

Arsenal keeps their hope to be kept their Position on the league table and this made probable by the 10th-minute goal of Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The just goal that changed the result and presents a victory for Arsenal.

This result promoted the Gunners up to fourth on 66 points from 33 games, They are now very imminent to the third-placed Tottenham Hotspur. But interestingly They are ahead of Chelsea, Though Chelsea has played a game more, on goal discrepancy. And Watford couldn’t change their position and still at 10th with 46 points.

66% ball controlled and 8 corner kick showed how one-sided match it was and Wat lost one of their Army with getting Red card. Still, Watford 4 saves kept Arsenal away from more Goals.

A Goal which made the scorecard like Watford 0, Arsenal 1. The responsible for this was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and it was possible for his beautiful left footed shot from very close range to the center of the goal.

After consuming the Goal Watford succumbed their temper and as a result, at the 11th minute, they lost Troy Deeney as he was given the red card for making disorder.

After the losing Watford tried their level best but weakness on finishing they couldn’t make any goal for them. Statistics showing that they achieved 12 corners but couldn’t bring success for them.

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After the match, two managers gave their statement and shared some viewpoints which actually very inspiring for both of them.

Watford goalkeeper asked pardon for consuming goal and said “I’ve said sorry to the lads,” he said. “I tried to drag it on to my left and pass it out but before I knew it Aubameyang was bloody on me. He is too quick. In hindsight, you have to get rid [of the ball] as quick as you can, even if it goes into row Z.”

When journalists asked about the red card the Arsenal new coaches stated.

“I didn’t see the red card. I leave the decision for the referee,” he said. “It’s clear it helped us, with the decisions, because we played with one more player from then on. It’s more difficult for them. But our goal gave us the advantage in the first half and after the red card also.”

And it is true that the 10th-minute goals gave them an advantage but they were failed to score more goals getting a 10 man army.

Anyway, the match gave some beauty cause Watford played and fight until the last moment which will encourage them to win the match for them next time.