Why Barcelona ahead on Clasico victory

The Barcelona & Madrid fans always make debate on the betterment of Real Madrid and Barcelona question. But what actually define a good team is the facts and figures where we look for the results between the two teams. Most of the time, the debaters bring out the fact of Clasico to compare the great two teams. Well, let’s a take a look on some recent statistical facts based on Clasico where you can find a clearer idea:

On last saturday, Barcelona won against Santiago Bernabeu that paved the way of Barcelona one step ahead. With the goal of Ivan Rakitić, Barca is now ahead of Real madrid for the first time in 87 years where the Barca wins on the 96 matches and Madrid in 95. This is one of the landset victory which has made recently by Barca and also gave some of the boost to the fans against Madrid.

el clasico 2019

But what techniques and methodology that is giving the supremacism Barca is a matter of research. It founds that the mentoring of previous coach Pep Guardiola’s era helped the Barca so much that now they can rule the strongest team like Madrid. Also, the current coach Ernesto Valverde has a lot of contribution as it proved on last Saturday match.

It’s not only the last match but also the other matches that is proving supremacism of Barca. And through this, they are proving themselves as the best team on Spanish leagues and Spain. On the month of May 2019, there will be a match against one of the great team Valencia where Barca has the opportunity to win the cup “ Copa del Rey” straight for five times. They have already won this cup for six times so anyone can easily understand how strongly Barca is dominating the football arena especially on league football and spain national football

el clasico 2019

In recent years one of their big player Messi is really overpowering the performance of  barca which was shown in some recent matches. Now, the other name of Barca is Messi as whenever people hear about Barca, Messi cross their mind even for one time. When Barca surpassed Madrid on last Saturday, the only name which came even for once Messi because he has the highest contribution on Barca so far.

El clasico 2019

Now, a question may arise on your mind, is there any time will come that Barca era will be ended. The answer is no at least till the next decade. There are many protagonist who are constantly contributing Lionel Messi, Ivan Rakitić, Arturo Vidal, Thomas Vermaelen,Carles Aleñá, Arturo Vidal.

Whatever the reason, last saturday match is not only the result of one day, it is the result of long hours of work, blood and sweat.                         

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